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The Countdown Is On: Hockey Twitter Is READY

Ithaca, N.Y. – It’s officially the first day of fall (FINALLY), and with less than two weeks remaining in September, my friends of “Hockey Twitter” are absolutely ready to kiss the #IsItOctoberYet hashtag goodbye! 

I recently asked my hockey-deprived followers what they’re most excited for this upcoming season, and after the longest summer of our lives, the responses speak for themselves!

Some simply missed the game. I UNDERSTAND YOU.

Others just can’t wait to get LOUD.

While grudges from last season are still top of mind for some diehards…

…Pittsburgh fans have basically dubbed this season “The Year of the Penguins” (and rightfully so).

This Minnesota Wild fan also has high expectations.

As does this Ben Bishop fan. No pressure, Ben.

First-time visitors to the Chicago Blackhawks are in for the National Anthem of their lives…

… and contrary to the popular belief, there actually ARE hockey fans in the Carolinas.

They even exist in Texas, the home of the Dallas Stars!

And not only will there be some visible differences…


Some of us have multiple teams…

… and some of us are just dealing with the World Cup right now.

And who could forget about CAWLIDGE HAWKEY?!

But for all of us, it’s time to get serious.

Except for my friend Taylor, of course.

No matter which team you pull for, we can all agree on one thing:

You got that right… until it’s actually October when we can’t use it anymore. Then what?!

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